La Voile Blanche, a restaurant in Ouistreham

In our restaurant located in Ouistreham, you will enjoy French cuisine inspired by the best of Normandy. Our region, with its wealth of culinary knowledge and specialities, gives us the opportunity to offer you a cuisine that subtly blends produce from both land and sea.

French cuisine

We are delighted to welcome you to our restaurant at the Ouistreham Riva Bella beach, ideally situated in the heart of Normandy, on the Côte de Nacre near the city of Caen. A pleasant and spacious main dining room, an outdoor terrace with an unmissable stunning view of the sea, and our dedicated team at your service will ensure that you have an exceptional time in our restaurant. Starter, main course, and dessert, browse through a menu that will satisfy most of your cravings using the freshest and finest produce. Whether you prefer dishes prepared from countryside produce, or from the sea with mussels, sea bass, or other fish and shellfish, there is something for everyone. All this with respect for our core values as an establishment and by highlighting the quality of the produce we present to you.

We would like to offer you a relaxing time through a cuisine and an atmosphere that best expresses who we are. In our restaurant in Ouistreham, you will be able to eat and savour all the richness of Normandy. From the produce of the land to the produce of the sea, none of the specialities of the region are left out. The flavours of our dishes are enhanced by well-known French cooking techniques. From a mixed salad to a cream-based dish, or a plate of prawns and whelks, and of course a coffee to round it all off, let Ouistreham take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey.

Food & wine

French cuisine also means exceptional wine to be paired with our dishes in the most wonderful way. Whether you prefer white or red wine, Bordeaux or Burgundy, our team will be there to advise you on the best choice to suit your tastes and the dish you have ordered. No matter which wine you pick, all have been carefully selected for their unique flavours and aromas. This is how we guarantee that you will find the perfect match for the food and wine to shine through and complement each other.

Of course, at our restaurant in Ouistreham combinations are numerous. By perusing our menu and its home-made offers, you will discover a wealth of possibilities to be explored. If necessary, let our experienced staff guide you and share their knowledge. We are here to help you discover unique culinary creations and delights.

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Call us directly on 02 31 36 73 58 or email us at to reserve a place at one of our tables. Just a few minutes from Caen, the whole team at La Voile Blanche, a restaurant in Ouistreham, is looking forward to welcoming you and making you taste its French cuisine.

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A unique location in Ouistreham Riva Bella, come and discover the values, philosophy, and soul of our restaurant. With its superb dining room and a terrace offering a breath-taking view of the Ouistreham beach, just a few minutes from Caen, the Chef and his teams welcome you to a place unlike any other.

The restaurant
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